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One of the worst things that can happen to an individual is getting in a motor vehicle accident. Even if you walk away from your car accident relatively unscathed, you may be facing thousands of dollars in repairs to your vehicle.

But more people should discuss what happens in the immediate aftermath of the accident. Once the vehicle is repaired and restored (if it is even salvageable), the record of that accident doesn’t simply go away – that accident will follow the vehicle even for years or decades when you’re trying to sell it. This is why the diminished value claims exist.

Florida is one of 15 states that allow motor vehicle accident victims who were not at fault for their accident to file a diminished value claim against the perpetrator’s insurance. This claim attempts to recuperate diminished value-related losses – and that’s where a Riverview diminished value claims attorney from Franchi Law can help you.

Our team of Riverview diminished value claim lawyers will do what it takes for you to get maximum compensation for the loss of value in your vehicle. Whether your vehicle was broken down due to a car accident, bus accident, motorcycle accident or a truck accident in Riverview, contact or call our diminished value claim attorneys at (813)-800-4LAW today.

The Basics Of Florida Diminished Value Claims

A diminished value claim is a legal claim pursued by a vehicle owner seeking compensation for the loss of value that their vehicle has suffered due to an accident.

As previously mentioned, even after repairs, a vehicle’s resale value can decrease significantly due to its history of being in an accident. A diminished value claim seeks to recover the difference in value between what the vehicle was worth before and after the accident.

A Diminished Value Claim According to the Statute Of Limitations

In Florida, an individual wanting to file a diminished value claim against the at-fault party’s insurance has four years to do so, according to the statute of limitations.

However, most lawyers strongly discourage individuals from waiting years to file a claim. Why? It’s best to file a claim for diminished value as close to the incident occurring as possible because:

Our Riverview Diminished Value Claims Attorney Will Seek Maximum Compensation In Your Case

If you’re finding the at-fault party’s insurance difficult to work with or the insurer denied or underpaid your claim, our team of Riverview diminished value claims attorneys can help.

The Franchi Law team has the knowledge and skills to help you pursue your diminished value claim and get the compensation you deserve after your accident. Whether you’re seeking an immediate diminished value claim before repairs were made or are unsatisfied with the repairs you received, we are ready to help you with your case.

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