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When Life Throws You a Curveball: What to Do After You’ve Been in a Serious Accident


Being in an accident doesn’t have to put you on the bench. When you have a great coach and a solid support team you can recover and put your life back together. William Franchi knows that an accident can come out of nowhere and derail your life. In some ways, William’s entire life has been defined by such accidents. He knows what it’s like to be thrown a curveball in life and how to recover from the damage, get back on your feet, and succeed in life. In this book, William shares his journey navigating the many curveballs life has thrown his way and how he has helped many who have found themselves in a situation they never expected to be in.

Read this book and learn:

  • How William Recovered from the Curveballs in His Life
  • Why Accidents Throw Your Whole Life a Curveball
  • How You Should Respond to an Accident
  • Where to Find a Great Coach (Lawyer)
  • And so much more
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