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Are you a Tampa resident who has been arrested for a second, third, or fourth DUI? If this is you, you may be feeling stressed and unsure what to do next, but you don’t have to go at this alone. Franchi Law is available and can help you create a plan of action.

It is important to remember that even a second arrest does not imply guilt. With the help of an experienced Tampa repeat DUI lawyer at Franchi Law, we will help fight pending charges, argue for the reinstatement of your driving privileges, and protect your civil liberties throughout the process. Contact our experienced Tampa repeat DUI attorney immediately or call (813) 800-4LAW today.

Why Hire Our Tampa Repeat DUI Lawyer

Franchi Law is known for success when defending criminal matters throughout Tampa and Florida’s Gulf Coast. We possess a strong command of challenges and defenses to DUI offenses, even for hard-to-beat cases. If you face a second or great DUI conviction, our experienced and skilled Tampa repeat DUI attorney will go to bat for you at every opportunity.

Attorney William Franchi offers the following services so that you feel as comfortable working with our firm as possible:

Our firm dedicates a significant portion of our practice to defending DUI matters. We have access to expert witnesses, knowledge of how police should handle investigations, and advanced scientific techniques to build the defense you want and deserve. Put your trust in our Tampa repeat DUI attorney when you want an effective presentation of the facts and evidence.

Franchi Law Represents Repeat DUI Arrests & Charges

Florida charges and penalizes driving under the influence (DUI) offenses under FLSA § 316.193. As before, police believed you were intoxicated by drugs or alcohol during your arrest based on standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs), blood tests, breath tests, and other factors. However, the Tampa repeat DUI lawyer at our legal team knows these procedures are flawed, potentially allowing you to challenge your entire case.

Franchi Law represents DUI arrests and charges, including:

These charges can result in a felony on your record that essentially amounts to a lifetime on your record. Even a misdemeanor will remain on your record with no opportunity for expungement. If you want to pursue a defense that protects your right to drive and stay clear of prison, consider what our legal team has to say about how we would approach your case.

Penalties Increase for Multiple DUI Offenses in Florida

Our legal system attempts to deter repeat offenses by increasing the penalties associated with subsequent offenses, whether DUI-related or otherwise. Judges have sentencing discretion, making it critical to have a viable defensive strategy presented by our experienced Tampa repeat DUI attorney.

Franchi Law will fight to help you avoid all or increased multiple DUI penalties as outlined in the examples below.

Second DUI convictions:

Third DUI conviction:

Fourth or Greater DUI convictions:

The above is just an overview of sentencing guidelines for simple DUI charges. Other factors, such as your blood alcohol content (BAC), third-party involvement, and more, can significantly increase your charges and potential penalties. Franchi Law will help you understand the consequences you face during a no-cost, no-obligation strategy session if you decide to schedule one with our Tampa repeat DUI lawyer.

Get the Legal Defense You Want

No one should ever have to pay for an unproven, unsubstantiated DUI offense, especially when it is your second or greater conviction. Florida’s legal system not only protects the public but also favors your rights when you understand them, making it essential to get advice from an experienced, skilled, and aggressive Tampa car accident attorney with a track record for success.

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A second, third, fourth, or greater DUI arrest carries severe consequences. However, fighting your charges with the right defense is possible in many situations. Franchi Law makes it easy to get started on understanding how you could approach your case. We offer straightforward, easy-to-understand case evaluations without any cost or obligation to you, as it is our opportunity to showcase how we could make a difference. Call (813) 800-4LAW or contact us today to obtain the compensation that you deserve.