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If you have recently been arrested for a first-time DUI you may be feeling confused and alarmed for what will happen next, but our Tampa first time DUI lawyer we can help. Our attorneys can help you create a personalized defense for the best chance of gaining a more favorable outcome.

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Franchi Law Protects People Accused of a First-Time DUI

A first time DUI can happen to anyone, even when they are not legally intoxicated. Sometimes, testing procedures are flawed, police mishandle arrests, and specific medical conditions produce false positives.

Florida laws define driving under the influence (DUI) under FLSA § 316.193. It states that you can only be found guilty of this offense if a prosecutor can prove you were “operating or in actual physical control of a vehicle” while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The ambiguity of this definition to accused parties is scary, especially when your freedom is at risk for the first time.

However, anyone can face DUI accusations regardless of demographics and lifestyle, including:

The Tampa first time DUI defense attorney at Franchi Law does not discriminate against cases. We help clients understand their options and work together toward a realistic approach. In addition, our Tampa car accident attorneys will put you in the driver’s seat so that you have the resolve to know that you made the right decision.

Penalties Can Be Severe for a First-Time Conviction

Florida is mild when handing down DUI penalties. However, a sentence will change your life in the short term and sometimes even in the long term. The general rule is that a conviction will remain on your record for 75 years, amounting to a lifetime of challenges that can potentially prevent you from finding work, a home, and other collateral consequences.

Florida’s Standard Sentencing Guidelines

Your life is not the sum of an arrest. Franchi Law has defended against potential first time DUI conviction penalties that include:

These penalties can cause significant disruption to your life and dreams. Avoid accepting a plea deal that favors the state. Instead, you may want to get legal advice before your case proceeds to have as many options as possible.

Do You Want Legal Advice From a Tampa First Time DUI Lawyer?

People suspected of DUI in Florida and their loved ones may have questions about their legal rights, obligations, potential defenses, and more. If this applies to your situation, you can get direct answers from our Tampa first time DUI lawyer at no cost. We will spend ample one-on-one time in a confidential setting to create a customized case plan based on your objectives.

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