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When accidents happen, we place our trust in insurance providers to play fair and honor the promises laid out in our policies. Unfortunately, this trust is sometimes broken by insurance tactics that delay, diminish, or deny rightful claims. This breach of faith can leave the injured feeling powerless and uncertain at a time when support is most needed.

At Franchi Law, our Riverview personal injury attorneys are committed to protecting those who have been wronged by bad faith insurance tactics. If you have fallen victim to these unscrupulous practices, our Riverview bad faith insurance lawyers can help you hold the insurer accountable and secure the compensation that you deserve

Why Choose Our Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers in Riverview?

Examples of Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Following Hurricane Idalia’s devastation across Florida, many residents faced the challenge of not only rebuilding their lives but also navigating their property insurance claims. In the wake of large-scale natural disasters, insurance companies often struggle to protect their bottom lines. In some cases, this leads the insurer to commit bad faith practices, denying or diminishing claims that otherwise deserve a larger payout.

Bad faith insurance tactics can take many forms, such as:

How a Bad Faith Insurance Attorney Can Help

Whether you’re facing bad faith insurance practices for natural disaster insurance or are facing a car accident in Riverview, you need someone on your side who can defend your right to fair compensation. In these situations, hiring an bad faith insurance attorney who specializes in this area can be indispensable. A bad faith insurance lawyer can support your case in several ways, such as:

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If you suspect you’ve been unfairly treated by an insurance company, you don’t have to navigate this journey alone. At Franchi Law, our lawyers in Riverview specialize in bad faith insurance cases, armed with the expertise to challenge insurers on your behalf. Contact us today at (813) 800-4529 to discuss your case with a Riverview bad faith insurance lawyer who understands your concerns.