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When someone finds themselves in the aftermath of a car accident, one of the first questions is, “who will pay for the damages?” Many states allow victims to file claims against the responsible party in the case of injuries. However, other states have a no-fault system in place for recovery and car accident claims. Florida is one of these states with a verbal threshold, which means Floridian drivers must have Personal Injury Protection (PIP), but how does this work?

What is PIP Coverage?

PIP coverage is no-fault insurance, so it doesn’t matter who is at fault; each driver involved is responsible for their medical treatment. This coverage is specifically designed to give drivers immediate medical coverage up to $10,000 without the victim having to go through all the legal hoops of the court system.

How does Florida PIP Work?

PIP coverage gives the policyholder benefits following an accident, no matter who was at fault. For example, the driver responsible for the accident can still receive coverage for their medical expenses. Drivers are also prohibited from filing a claim or lawsuit against the at-fault party.

The medical expenses following an accident can become extensive. Florida PIP covers hospital, surgical, diagnostic, ambulatory, rehabilitation, and more costs. PIP can also provide coverage for up to 60% of lost wages, with a 10,000 limit. If the policyholder’s fatal injuries, it will also cover funeral and burial expenses so the family won’t have to worry.

It is vitally important that you pursue medical care and compensation right after the accident. PIP has stringent deadlines when it comes to medical coverage. If you fail to seek medical care within a two-week window following the accident, then you will no longer be able to seek coverage.

$10,000 sounds like a lot of coverage until you get into an accident with extensive injuries that can climb into the tens of thousands range. Those who have been in a severe accident with extensive medical bills can then step outside the no-fault system and seek coverage from the responsible party.

Seeking a Tampa personal injury attorney to file your claim is the best route to take. It helps you take a lot of the legal pressure off your plate and ensures that you won’t be lowballed and receive the compensation you need.

If you have been in a Tampa auto accident, and need to file a PIP claim, contact us today to ensure you get the compensation you need.