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Franchi Law’s mission is to make sure you get help when you need it the most. Franchi Injury law has recovered millions of dollars for our Personal Injury clients.

Franchi Law’s main office is located at 4100 W Kennedy Blvd, Suite 300,Tampa, FL. Many of our clients choose to communicate via their phone. Franchi Law’s technology is unparalleled in the area of Law where contracts, correspondence and settlements can all be transacted from wherever you choose and how you choose (home, our office, phone, laptop, etc).

Franchi Law makes it convenient for you when you think of something that can help your case, just text us. Each client has their own personal text environment.

Franchi Law has recovered millions for our Personal Injury clients to pay for their Medical Bills, Lost Wages, Future Earning, Pain and Suffering and Property Damage.

If you want a law firm that is dedicated to Personal Injury and has the experience and the knowledge to push Insurance companies past their initial offer and will go to trial on your behalf then Franchi Law would be pleased to have you call or text us for a free consultation. Franchi Law’s mission statement is to “get you help when you need it the most while seeking maximum compensation” to our clients in the following areas.