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While receiving a traffic ticket is a common experience for many drivers, it’s crucial to recognize the potential risks it carries. These tickets can not only strain your finances due to hefty fines but also adversely impact your driving record and escalate your insurance rates. However, being issued a traffic ticket does not mean you have to accept these consequences without a fight.

At Franchi Law, our traffic violation lawyers in Riverview can help you contest these charges and mitigate their effects. Our traffic violation lawyers can devise a strong defense strategy to help you challenge your ticket, exploring every legal avenue to protect your rights and driving privileges. If you are facing a traffic violation in Florida, we urge you to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help.

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Before entering the legal field, William Franchi served as a deputy for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. During this time, he patrolled several areas including Riverview, Wimauma, Ruskin, Apollo Beach, and Gibsonton. With nearly six years of law enforcement experience in the Tampa Bay area, William specialized in handling drug crimes. His background in law enforcement provides valuable insights for individuals facing drug-related charges. William has also successfully defended many criminal defendants against various charges.

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“The leadership at this firm led by Marlem and the attorney William Franchi, is visionary and forward-thinking. They have a clear focus on both client success and employee development. I’ve been fortunate to have gained mentors who will continue to guide me.”
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Common Types of Traffic Violations

Traffic violations can range from minor infractions to serious offenses like DUI’s. Should this apply to you, contact our DUI defense lawyers in Riverview. Each of these violations carries its own set of penalties and implications. Maintaining a clean driving record is tough, and many drivers have been pulled over or issued a ticket at some point. 

The most frequent types of traffic violations include:

Can You Fight Against a Traffic Ticket in Florida?

In Florida, you have the right to contest a traffic ticket, and an attorney can play a crucial role in this process. At Franchi Law, our attorneys are highly experienced in these proceedings, offering tailored legal strategies to challenge traffic citations. As experienced car accident attorneys in Riverview, we understand the nuances of Florida’s traffic laws and leverage this knowledge to safeguard your driving privileges and records.

Our Riverview traffic violation attorneys can help you by:

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The consequences of a traffic violation can range from fines to points on your license, affecting your driving privileges and insurance rates. Challenging a traffic ticket can be a complex process, but with the right legal assistance, you can fight against the charges and minimize their impact on your life.

Don’t navigate this process alone. Call Franchi Law today at (813) 800-4529 to schedule a consultation and learn how our Riverview traffic violation lawyers can help.