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Car Crashes

How will your bills get paid after a car crash?

What is the value of your car crash case?

Common Car Accident Injuries

Soft Tissue Injuries:  damage to muscles, ligament and tendons, sprains, strains and lacerations.

Bone Fractures: Greenstick fractures and compound fractures

Whiplash:  Neck strains causing the neck to extend beyond its normal range of motion, causing strains and tears to tissue.  Whiplash injuries may occur in front and side impact collisions as well as rear end collisions

Chest Injuries: Crushed sternum, ruptured diaphragm, broken ribs, and damage to abdominal organs such as liver spleen and kidneys.  The use of seat belts has increased the incidence of sternal fractures.

Back and Spinal injuries: Can result in loss of function in one or more limbs.

Head/Traumatic Brain Injuries: Injury that causes bruising, torn tissue, bleeding or other damage to the brain.

If you’re in a Car Accident in Tampa:

  1. Call the police regardless of severity as they will prepare an accident report
  2. Do not discuss the accident until the police arrive
  3. Take photos: cars, damages, skid marks, injuries
  4. Do not admit fault
  5. Call a personal injury lawyer at Franchi Injury Law. I am ready to help you.   The phones are answered 24/7, so that if you need to reach out for help in your time of need, Franchi Injury Law be there for you.