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If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident, you may be feeling confused and overwhelmed about taking time off of work to heal all while racking up medical bills in your recovery process. Fortunately, you don’t have to go at this alone. Franchi Law can help you file a claim to hold the responsible party accountable and win you compensation to cover your losses.

Why Choose The Brandon Car Accident Lawyers?

At Franchi Law, our personal injury attorneys in Brandon have experience holding liable insurance companies and drivers accountable for their actions using our state’s legal system to recover medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other civil damages. Our legal team offers complete representation services so you never feel left behind or in the dark regarding your claim. Learn more about what our firm can do for you or your loved ones with a Free Strategy Session at (813) 800-4LAW.

Franchi Law Represents Victims of Negligent Car Accidents

Drivers must obey all State Uniform Traffic Control Laws under Chapter 316 of Title XXIII. In a nutshell, these laws specify rules that are applicable to drivers that, when violated, give personal injury victims the right to file an insurance claim against their personal injury protection (PIP) policies. After that, your insurance company must compensate you fairly and, if they do not, may require legal advice from a car accident lawyer to navigate, especially when the other driver’s negligence caused your injuries.

The legal team at Franchi Law has helped victims prove negligent damages claims involving:

Do you or a family member suffer from severe car accident injuries? Is the insurance company lowballing your settlement? If so, we urge you to seek legal advice before committing to their terms and signing a release for a fast payout. You may need money now, but our Brandon car accident lawyer has a vast body of knowledge and resources at his disposal when negotiating against unfair or aggressive insurance practices.

Protect Your Rights with Sound Legal Advice at No Cost

Franchi Law will pursue the total compensation owed to you under the law regardless of how tough things may seem now. You deserve to get answers when at the mercy of an insurance company, uninsured/underinsured motorist, or any of their legal representatives. Call (813) 800-4LAW now to schedule your free case evaluation with our legal team.

Compensation Is Available for a Brandon Car Accident Injury Victims

Florida’s civil code ensures you receive fair compensation for your injury losses after a car accident, including economic and non-economic damages. However, the number to which your insurer or at-fault party attorneys arrive may differ from factual reality. Hiring our Brandon car accident lawyer will hold them accountable to all relevant laws so that you get the outcome you deserve.

Franchi Law will also review your accident when determining compensation amounts that pay for:

You may be eligible for much more than you think you deserve, including diminished value claims on your car. As such, we caution you to avoid self-incriminating statements when filing a claim and reviewing all offers with our legal team to support the most favorable result possible. Otherwise, you could leave money that would have been rightfully yours at the negotiating table.

Insurers and FL Statutes Impose Strict Deadlines on Claims and Lawsuits

Deadlines apply to car accident injury claims in all states called the “statute of limitations.” The statute of limitations is the formal civil deadline imposed on personal injury claims under FLSA § 95.11. It is four (4) years from your accident or discovered accident-related injuries in Florida.

Other Deadlines May Apply

This four-year time limit only applies to filing lawsuits. Most insurance claims reach this point. However, the liable insurers will process claims much faster to avoid “bad faith” violations per FLSA § 624.155. For reference, bad faith actions usually relate to untimely payments, communications, and other delays.

Negative Consequences for Missed Deadlines

Insurers will process claims according to policy language and civil code. You will receive a claim denial or lawsuit dismissal if you miss these deadlines. Avoid these negative outcomes by seeking legal advice from a Florida personal injury attorney when you have questions as soon as possible.

Why Hire the Brandon Car Accident Attorney at Franchi Law

No one quite knows what it is like to navigate a PIP claim until they endure the process. Not only did someone cause your injuries, but now the liable insurance company refuses to pay you a fair amount. Stop the gaslighting and let our legal team give you the play-by-play of your legal options with comprehensive claim or lawsuit representation.

If you decide that hiring us is best for your case, our Brandon car accident attorney will deliver the following services:

Franchi Law’s mission is to handle every legal detail while clients focus on their health and wellness. We have spent years cultivating an attitude of client-forward thinking so that every person walking through our doors feels as comfortable as possible. We believe it is the least you deserve at a time such as this one, and we want to overdeliver on your expectations at every possible moment.

Car Accident Injury Victims Can Get Answers

Attorney William Franchi at Franchi Law will get involved when injury victims cannot get a fair outcome. However, only you can decide if approaching a Brandon car accident lawyer is right for you. If you have any shadow of a doubt regarding your current or potential injury settlement, schedule a free strategy session by calling (813) 800-4LAW or messaging us online for more information.