Legal Definitions

In legal cases, it can be difficult for a layperson to understand the terms used. Though many of them don’t necessarily need to be understood when you have your personal injury attorney guiding you, there are some terms everyone should know when filing a claim or going into a legal battle. Below are some of them that you should familiarize yourself with.

Personal Injury – Personal injury refers to damage done to someone, whether physical, mental, emotional, or financial. Examples include brain injury, dog bites, or bicycle accidents. These cases aren’t considered criminal lawsuits but are referred to as civil torts. Riverview car accidents and workplace incidents are the two most frequent events that cause these cases.

Negligence – Generally speaking, negligence is when someone’s carelessness causes injury, harm, or even death. Examples of this include neglecting a child by leaving them alone when they are too young, not giving a senior citizen the assistance they need, or not providing adequate care to a disabled person you are responsible for.

Liability – This refers to an obligation that one is bound by law to perform. Many times this is in reference to payments over monetary damages.

Compensation – This means pretty much exactly how it sounds. It is a payment of some kind that makes up for the loss, whether that be lost hours at work, medical costs, etc.

Personal Injury Claim – This is a civil action relating to the personal injury suffered by the victim due to the defendant’s carelessness.

We hope this has clarified some of the legal terms often heard when in the middle of a legal case. If you or a loved one are seeking assistance with an individual case, contact our Riverview car accident attorneys today. If you are also injured while visiting a private property in Florida, check out our page on premises liability.

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