PIP Coverage

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PIP coverage, what is it? Why do I have it? Why do I need it?

Hey, it’s Lawfather here, William Franchi, and I just want to discuss your Florida insurance in your personal injury protection.

Why do you have it? Number one, because you have to Florida State statute, says you have to have personal injury protection coverage.

What is it? It is the coverage that covers you in the event of a car crash that covers your medical bills. It covers $10,000 of your medical coverage. Said another way it’s actually 80% of the 1st 10,000 of your medical coverage. You become responsible for the other 20%. That is the quote-unquote no fault that we see in Florida.

What we do on our side is, we work to recover the 20% that you owe and make the other driver pay for that 20% in addition to other things.

That is PIP coverage. That is why you have it. It is to cover your medical bills but it does only cover a portion of your medical bills.

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