Can I Fire My Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer?

The short answer to this is yes. Most attorney/client contracts for personal injury cases in Tampa, Riverview, and all of Florida, are contingency fee agreements. This means that the lawyer can only collect a fee if he is successful in recovering money. The fee is a percentage based on the total personal injury settlement or judgment. The Florida Bar requires language in these contracts that allows clients to fire their lawyer for any reason.

If you fire your Riverview dog bite attorney, the personal injury lawyer may put a lien on your case. This would be money owed to the car accident attorney for fees and costs. The fees would be based on the amount of time the car crash lawyer spent on your case.

If the client fires the car crash attorney within three days of signing the contract, the attorney cannot charge the lien described above.

At Franchi Law, we are so confident in the service that we provide, that we have expanded the three days to 30 days.

If you do decide to fire your Riverview car accident lawyer, you should do so in writing. The letter should give instruction as to where the former Tampa personal injury lawyer needs to send your file.

If you treat the unpleasant task of terminating your car accident lawyer’s services professionally, chances are that he or she will respond in a professional and courteous manner. After all, good car crash lawyers value their reputations very much. Most personal injury attorneys respect that legitimate differences of opinion or strategy may mean that the relationship must end.

Communication is key

One of the biggest complaints I hear is lack of communication with the personal injury attorney or the staff. If your Riverview car accident attorney isn’t returning your phone calls, try emailing the personal injury attorney.

At Franchi Law, we have put a major emphasis on client communication. We have done this through an emphasis on technology. We offer our clients the ability to text the office with a text number specifically for that client. Also, we have introduced a way to have a meeting with the personal injury attorney via video chat.

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