One of the most frequently asked questions, regarding car accidents, to Franchi Injury Law in Tampa Bay is about fault.

If the accident is unequivocally not your fault, then the fault driver will be responsible for your property damage.

What if there is a car accident and it is NOT unequivocally your fault. Florida is a comparative negligence state, meaning that the percentage of fault may apportion responsibility. Rear-ending accidents are common. In most cases, the at-fault driver is the one who struck the rear of the other vehicle. If both drivers, and their insurance companies, agree on the issue of negligence, then the rear-ending driver should be responsible for the property damage. However, suppose the rear-ending driver alleges that the car they struck stopped suddenly or unexpectedly. In that case, both drivers and their insurance companies will argue that both drivers share a percentage of fault for the accident.

The Tampa personal injury lawyers at Franchi Injury Law will explain in more detail comparative negligence and how it will affect your case. Florida requires a minimum of $10,000 in property damage liability insurance. The rear-ending driver may have more than $10,000. Suppose the damages to your vehicle exceed the policy limits of the rear-ended driver. In that case, the driver or owner will be responsible for the excess property damage if they were mostly or entirely at fault.

The facts of the accident are often complicated, and the insurance company will use that as an advantage. Insurance companies will argue that their driver is not 100% at fault and therefore not 100% responsible for the damages to the rear-ended vehicle. The Tampa lawyers at Franchi Injury Law have recovered millions for our Personal Injury clients to pay for their Medical Bills, Lost Wages, Future earnings, Pain and Suffering, and Property Damage.

If you want a Tampa law firm that is dedicated to Personal Injury and has the experience and the knowledge to push Insurance Companies past their initial offer and will go to trial on your behalf, then the Tampa lawyers at Franchi Injury Law would be pleased to have you call or text us for a free consultation.

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